Dr. Dralves G. Edwards

There were with no indictments, arrests, loss of Medicare or Medicaid numbers, license or any wrong doings found. My current National Practitioners Data Bank Report Card as of August 8, 2016 is completely clear of any violations in all 10 categories. Using fraud to justify and camouflage the real motive behind this “draconian” attack turned out to be blatant racial discrimination and bigotry. All of the agencies mentioned above worked in collaboration to purge all black doctors, home health agencies and DME companies out of minority and disadvantaged populations. This “baby boomers” arrival was just around the corner starting in 2008 and the economic paradigm shift was reserved for whites doctors and providers only. To accomplish this mission and make it look legal to the public; first, place the unwanted black doctors, home health care agencies or medical supply companies under some type of “bogus” and “unwarranted” review and/or investigations. This immediately causes the patients and his colleagues to rush for distance in case the rumors are true. This created a “medical desert” and a pipeline to the white providers and facilities.  In Dr. Edwards case, the Medicare Contractor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, placed him under the longest 100% prepayment review in Medicare history that lasted over 4 consecutive years. The prepayment usually last 3-6 months. They intentionally denied 96% of his claims (impossible to accidentally get 9/10 claims wrong for denial). Reality, they denied payment without ever reviewing the claims.

His practice thrived for the first 24 months before he faced a “draconian” attack from various healthcare regulators (made it appear authentic); the FBI, OIG, IRS, Texas Medical Board of Examiners, Texas Department of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare Contractors Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and South Carolina. They alleged fraudulently billing patients who were not home bound and the illegal recruitment of patients for home care. These investigations started November 2, 1995 and ended in July 6, 2003.

Dr. Dralves Edwards has been seeking a court date for over 20 years after his practice was unjustly placed on prepayment review. 96% of Dr. Edwards' claims were being denied in a predominately African American and poor community. Dr. Edwards has the same right to a trial as any other U.S Citizen and his story should be heard before a jury. Help Dr. Edwards by signing this petition in order to finally give him the court date he is entitled to as an American citizen.

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